Friday, June 20, 2014

Air travel

Just as I thought we were in good shape for the departure to London, things went wrong.  We were all on board, seated and ready to go,when theilot announced that we had a minor glitch, should take 10 minutes or so to straighten out.  Then, 20 minutes later, the pilot announced that it was a bit more complicated, but we should be on our way in 20 to 30 minutes.  Very shortly, he announced that in fact it was going to take one a danalf to two hours!  We were all asked to get off the plane, and they would announce when they were ready to re-board.  An hour later, we were re-boarded, and two and a half hours late, we were ready to leave.  But wait, we got pushed back, moved to the taxi-way, and sat, for another hour, because apparently one person had not gotten back on board, yet the ground crew was "certain" we should have a full plane.  The one hour delay was to try to determine what the discrepancy was between the actual occupants on the plane and the ground crew's count.  
The pilot has apologized profusely, and promised to try to make up time as best he can, but clearly I will miss my connection to Stockholm.  They have promised to re-book all those who miss connections, so we will see.  Meanwhile we are having a very late dinner ,then it is time for some sleep.

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