Thursday, June 26, 2014

Leaving Finnhamn

We have had two beautiful days at Finnhamn, with sun, relative warmth, and nice hiking.  The island is really just a huge granite boulder with slowly accumulated soil.  Lots of lichen on the rock, pines that start in the cracks of the rock, and grasses where the soil has accumulated in the depressions.  The island is protected and administered by the Archipelago Foundation.  They run the youth hostel, maintain the area, and arrange for farming organically on a small scale.  The farming is intended to be self-sustaining, and provide an opportunity for visitors to see life similar to what it was earlier.  
Over the two days, we were able to hike nearly all the trails, and each time we came to a lookout spot, we could see islands scattered as far as we could see.  The flowers were prime, but no mushrooms yet, and no berries yet. Today we are taking the ferries to the furthest north port, Arholma.  The trip will take about 6 hours, so lots of time to look, snooze, read, and write.

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