Sunday, June 22, 2014

Mid-summer in Stockholm

Mid-summer eve in Sweden is a major event .  Most people leave Stockholm and nearly all the stores and most restaurants close.  Becky and I had to try several places to find something open after I got settled at the apartment.  Mid-summer day is basically a holiday as well, though a few more things were open.  We  walked around Gamla Stan (old town) and parts of the main downtown area, tried to get fish soup at Hötorghallen, but it was stängt (closed).  We picked up our passes for the island hopping boats, then took a break.  We met one of Becky's fellow writers for dinner at a wonderful outdoor cafe on the water (the bar part is actually floating on the water), and while there got a call that my bag had arrived at the airport.  I took the fast train out to the airport, found my bag, and got back to the apartment about 11:30.  As we went to bed, reggae music (very loud) began just across the street.  Took a while to get to sleep, and then the sun started coming through the window.  We had a very short night.  Today we are on our way to Utö to spend the afternoon and night there.  It is a 4 hour boat trip through the islands.  Pictures to folow.

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