Saturday, June 28, 2014

We're in Stockholm

We arrived on Stockholm last evening, found our hotel, dumped our bags, and hustled to the Fotographiska museum.  Had a quick dinner at the museum (9:00 pm, good light, fresh air, beautiful view of the city) then spent an hour and a half looking at some fantastic photography by Sebastiao Salgado (all black and white, lots of penguins and glaciers),then they closed the museum at 11:00pm.  It was still somewhat light as we walked back to the hotel.  Today we split up, Becky going to the Royal Palace tour for a refresher, and I went to the botanic gardens at Bergianska, and then a walk to Christina's mother's former apartment and back to the hotel.  After a short nap, we went to the Stockholm City Museum, which is right next to our hotel, spent another hour and a half seeing history of Stockholm from about 900 AD.  When they closed the museum at 5:00, we went to a restaurant near Östermalm , got à table on the sidewalk, and had à VERY nice dinner.  A very good day in Stockholm.

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